Cable Trail/ Via Ferrata (Italian for the way of the iron) NEW !

Traverse along a 300m hiking trail along a cliff , harnessed in, while you are clipped onto the safety line. The trail is in an indigenous forest and has a wide variety vegetation.

What is a Cable Trail? It is an Alpine discipline in its own right. A secured climbing path with safety lines, ladders and brackets to make difficult routes accessible for non-climbers. The “iron” that is brought into the rock gives extra foot and hand hold and the cable serves as ‘self-protection” where you can clip in. There are well over 1 000 via ferrate in the Alpine region in Europe. This is a very popular pass time for European families in the summer.

Price: R 225pp
Duration: approximately 1h 30min
Bookings: 079 499 3522 |

What to expect:

Upon arrival you will be kitted out with a harness, safety lines and a helmet. You will then go through the training course. Once this is completed, you  will walk about 300m to the entrance of the Cable Trail. The trail is 300m long and consists of various obstacles in and amongst lush indigenous Drakensberg vegetations along a cliff face.  The duration depends on you and your group, but you can look at an average time of 1hour to 1h30 min.


  • Min age: 5
  • You must be relatively mobile and able to navigate on uneven terrain.
  • Max weight: 120kg
  • Wear closed shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • You can bring a small backpack with water  and a snack in along.   

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